Livescribe Connect for Smartpens Can Share Ink+Audio Recordings with Facebook, Evernote, iPad & More

LiveScribe produces a line of smartpens that records the ink (text and drawings) written on their specially prepared paper with microdots. The ink recording can also be synchronized with audio that the pen can also record. Notes can be reviewed using just the paper itself. Tapping a point in the paper notes will playback the recording made from that point. Software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X can reproduce this dual play back (ink and audio) on a computer.

LiveScribe announced a new service that lets you share pencasts (ink and audio recordings) through email, Facebook, Evernote, or Google Docs using an Adobe PDF format that stores audio as well as ink.

Livescribe Connect Makes Handwritten and Spoken Information Easily Shareable with Facebook, Evernote, Google Docs and Email – All from Paper

Livescribe describes using Connect like this: To use Livescribe Connect, a consumer simply draws a line and writes the name of the desired destination, for instance “Evernote” or “Facebook,” then taps the pages or circles sections of a page to send. The next time the smartpen is docked to a computer, the notes and audio are automatically sent as a pencast.

There is also a Connector for the iPhone and iPad that lets pencasts been sent from the Pen to one of these mobile devices. Livescribe Connect comes with the 4GB and 8GB Echo smartpen models. Livescribe Connect can be purchased for $14.99 for other Livescribe pens.

Connect(TM) Premium Upgrade Pack

Via All Things D: Livescribe Connects Its Digital Pen With Google Docs, Evernote