LIVE: Twitter's Secret Announcement

We’re live at today’s Twitter announcement which so far appears to be extremely secretive. While Techcrunch has published some initial details about what to expect, we have a feeling that inline videos and pictures are not the audience given the number of press attendees that are present.

Ben Parr of Mashable who’s sitting next to me claims that there are a number of partners involved (all video) which leads me to believe that Twitter is preparing to announce a more open stream platform beyond just text. This is all speculation however so we’ll have more details once this event kicks off shortly.

Biz Stone & Evan Williams are now out and discussing what they are preparing to announce. Evan Williams has produced some interesting statistics. 16 percent of new users are registered via mobile devices and mobile usage of Twitter in general is up 250 percent over the past year.

After some presentation problems, Evan is back discussing how today’s announcement is about Today they are going to announce a new Our internet is finally back!! One of the major things as far as we can tell is that developers will soon have access to new APIs.

Also after seeing the product (which we’ll be posting photos of shortly), my primary takeaway is that Twitter is hoping to be much more of a destination site. If they can increase their ability to function as a destination site, they will be able to accomplish two things: a more integrated platform for developers (with integration into the site) and potentially (although this is speculative) a more aggressive ad platform.

One of the journalists also just posited the question about monetization and Evan Williams confirmed that there is a lot of potential for turning this into a more robust ad platform.