Live Notes from Facebook “Technology Tasting” Event in Palo Alto

This morning, Facebook announced the new stream APIs which allow users to access and publish information to the Facebook stream from any website, desktop app, or mobile app that has implemented the “Open Stream” APIs. In addition, it also launched two new permissions – giving users control over which applications can both access and publish information to the stream.

This afternoon, Facebook is hosting a “technology tasting” event with technology press at its Palo Alto headquarters.

– Mark Zuckerberg is talking about the history of Facebook, as he opens every Facebook press event. “We believe that the majority of the sharing that’s going to happen in the world isn’t going to be on any one site. That’s why building a platform and having it be interoperable is important for how the web developers and for us strategically.”

– Dave Morin is talking about the new Open Streams API that launched this morning. Bringing up developer partners.

– Justin Bishop is demoing the Facebook Desktop for AIR client that we profiled this morning. Bishop says all the code is open sourced in Facebook’s SVN repository.

– Adobe is highlighting the company’s partnership with Facebook supporting developers building Facebook applications in Flash and AIR.

– Loic Le Meur is now demoing the Seesmic Desktop client which integrates the Facebook and Twitter streams in one client. It’s the “Bloomberg of social software,” Le Meur says.

– John McCrea and Joseph Smarr is now demoing Facebook stream integration within Plaxo. Now, you can automatically friend Facebook friends who are also using Plaxo, and seamlessly publish information to Facebook within (updated)

– Brian Goldfarb from Microsoft is demoing a Silverlight app in the browser that integrates the Facebook stream using the new API. Built interesting visualization features for Facebook photos in a couple days. Desktop application allows for new ways of scrolling through the stream horizontally or vertically.

– Luke Shephard from the Facebook Platform team is talking about OpenID. Facebook users will soon be able to login to Facebook with their OpenID. See our full story.

– David Recordon, speaking on behalf of the OpenID, expressed his support for the Facebook OpenID integration.