Listen to Voices From Around the World

A new Web site wants to give the world a voice, by allowing users to record audio tie it back to their geographical location.

Woices, which we’re guessing is named for ‘World Voices’ and not Elmer Fudd saying ‘voices,’ has a simple mantra:

“We firmly believe knowledge and wisdom is evenly distributed all over the world (not restricted to encyclopedias and colleges) and hope woices will help to unleash it…Share your voice and make the world a more interesting place!”

The concept is interesting to say the least.

After a free registration you can upload audio, referred to as an echo. These files can then be voted on, seen on a Google Map, embedded or downloaded.

For example, I can currently logon and listen how “tattors” from New Hope, North Carolina is grumpy. Or how “harold” feels about is hometown of Toronto. At its simplest form, think of the site as an audio Twitter with an emphasis on geotagged spots.

Start at the homepage to listen to recent echoes, popular echoes, and discover noisy places. As of this post, the community is relatively light on membership. 147 users from 34 different places make up the crew. English and Spanish versions are available.

You can explore different woices be seeing them plotted on a world map or by searching the directory.

Whether or not the site will give us better understanding of the world we live in, remains to be seen. But as an audiofile with a thirst for international knowledge, I look forward to seeing Woices grow.