Lisa Desjardins Bitter(sweet) Departure Video from CNN

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.36.43In her epic departure video, CNNRadio Capitol Hill correspondent Lisa Desjardins lets it all go, except for the reporter notebooks and pencils she appears to have taken with her after CNN Digital’s restructure earlier this month resulted in the elimination of her position.

“Hello CNN. It is not easy to say goodbye. And unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of goodbyes here lately. I know a lot of folks are worried about the future. And I also know a lot of buyout offers are on the table,” Desjardins says with a hint of bitterness in its opening, referencing the voluntary separation plans offered earlier this week, separate from her leaving.

She goes on to show a word cloud of the 200 most popular words from compressed official CNN departure emails over the past six months with “Gmail” at the lead, highlighting the words “great,” “incredible,” and “thank.” Desjardins then delved into personal, one on one, emails with her fellow departers. “Turns out, we’re not so nice.”

Desjardins leaves CNN ready for hire, complete with a first aid kit she took off the wall. Let’s just hope her next employer never has to let her go.