Lionsgate Restructures Its Theatrical PR Department

Lionsgate has restructured the publicity department for its film division, EVP of theatrical publicity Julie Fontaine announced, just three months after taking the lead post for the PR division.

The group is now divided into two teams, each led by a VP. Jennifer Peterson has been brought on to serve as one of those new VPs of national publicity. Peterson was previously with Walt Disney Studios motion picture marketing working on films including Alice In Wonderland and Toy Story 3.

The other VP lead position will be held by Jamie Blois, who was promoted into the role from her position as executive director of national publicity. She’s been with the company since 2003 and has worked on films including The Lincoln Lawyer.

Todd Nickels is the company’s SVP of national publicity in New York, and will work with both teams from that location.

The teams handle the PR for films including Conan the Barbarian, trailer seen above, and The Hunger Games, based on the popular (and incredibly good) teen novel.

Fontaine will oversee corporate PR with VP of corp comms, Kate Hubin Piliero, who was also previously a VP of national publicity.

And Matthew Clasby will oversee PR-driven promotions as VP of theatrical promotions, which includes trade shows and events. Aubrey McClure will continue as SVP of promotions, licensing,  and merchandising.