Having Trouble Linking Twitter To Facebook? You’re Not Alone

We know it’s not a best practice to link your Twitter to Facebook, but many folks do it regardless. And if you’re one of these misguided folks (I am as well, don’t take offense), you may have noticed the connection is spotty lately.

What’s going on?

Twitter just doesn’t seem to be playing nicely with other applications lately.

It was only about two months ago that it quietly rolled out richer integration with Facebook and that certainly seemed promising, but since around that time (and since cutting off LinkedIn and Instagram and hinting of further API restrictions), I’ve been noticing my connection between the two cutting out for no reason. Have you?

It’s annoying, definitely. Particularly for folks who try to maintain a presence on multiple platforms and depend on stuff they set up to actually WORK.

Twitter is aware of the problem though – and it even has a help page devoted to it.

So the fact that it may be happening now even though you haven’t made any changes isn’t super-suspicious. It’s just a bug! It’s not like Twitter is test-casing a disconnect or anything . . . or is it?

What do you think?

(Broken link image from Shutterstock)