Linkin Park preps for launch of environmental Facebook game LP Recharge

Image via LP Recharge

Music group Linkin Park is preparing for the launch of its upcoming Facebook game, LP Recharge. The band is responsible for the game’s soundtrack, while Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment has taken the reigns as the game’s designer.

LP Recharge was publicized up until August 2012, when the game seemingly switched from a concept to in-depth development. Now, a release date has been announced for the final project, and a gameplay trailer shows players what to expect.

According to the Environmental Media Association, LP Recharge is set in the near future in a version of Earth depleted of natural resources. Machines and an “elite minority” have seized what little energy remains. It will be up to players to join forces to battle these groups to return clean energy to the planet.

The game is presented with 3D graphics via a top-down perspective, and features real-time combat between players and machines. LP Recharge will be released on September 12 on Facebook, but interested gamers or music fans can sign up for more information on the game’s official website.

Linkin Park has recorded a new song for the game called A Light That Never Comes. Those who register for the game early will receive a download of a clip of the song, while playing the game after launch will unlock the full song.

Watch the gameplay trailer for LP Recharge below.