LinkedIn Takes a Page Out of the Facebook

Yes, I know it’s not “the Facebook” but I liked the title! It’s kind of like “The Google.” Anyways, tomorrow LinkedIn will be launching a new feature: user photos. This is a whopping four years after to launching. Did LinkedIn get a case of the Facebook envy? Definitely. In a number of months, LinkedIn is supposed to be launching their own platform (alongside MySpace, Bebo and Friendster) which is also a response to Facebook’s platform. A quick look at the Linked in versus Facebook Alexa graph shows why LinkedIn should be copying Facebook in any way possible:

LinkedIn - Facebook Alexa Graph

While the chart shows stagnant growth, LinkedIn claims they are getting around 240,000 new users a week. That’s not close to the 200,000 users a day that Facebook is getting but it’s nothing to sneeze at. It will be interesting to see if Facebook decides to cater more to the active professional networkers by differentiating between professional and social contacts. For the time being it doesn’t appear to be one of their focuses but it is still something they should do.