LinkedIn Rolls Out Powerful Search Feature

LinkedIn has just announced a new search platform which is currently being rolled out to some selected LinkedIn users. The new search platform is a robust and professional search engine for finding people across the LinkedIn network fast and in the most accurate manner. The new search platform was a product of user feedback gathered by the LinkeIned crew.

Among the features of the new LinkedIn search engine are the following:

  • LinkedIn search now gives you unified search results – that is retrieve and displays the most relevant professionals from the entire LinkedIn community. This means that you will no longer have to switch tabs if you want to see business contacts outside of your LinkedIn network
  • The LinkedIn search engine now features a more relevant search algorithm that leverages the professional graph and the rich profile data, ensuring that the most relevant professional contacts are always show at the top of the search results page
  • LinkedIn’s search results page is now more readable and actionable with streamlined look. You can also now refine your searches using the “Modify Search” module on the right rail. It also has easily accessible sorts and views and gives you the ability to take actions from the results page as you mouse over the search results.
  • LinkedIn search now lets you see what connections and groups you share with selected users via the “In Common” facility
  • LinkedIn search now allows you to save searches. LinkedIn promise to roll out reminders feature through email soon as well.
  • LinkedIn now features two search results views – basic and expanded. Pretty soon, search results views can be tweaked as well to give you the most sensible view for your type of search.
  • LinkedIn search now features a powerful and robust spellchecker for entering names correctly
  • Type-ahead widget which gives you recommended connections as you type your searches.

Those are pretty powerful features indeed. And gradually LinkedIn is becoming a top social networking site which is slowly gaining grounds to make it a stable, business preferred and sustainable social networking property.