LinkedIn Retools Navigation

LinkedInRedesign.jpgLinkedIn is rolling out a redesign, with the main changes occurring in navigation: The professional networking service eliminated its left-hand navigation and added all global navigation to the top bar, also reducing its size.

Principal user-experience designer Kevin Bury detailed the redesign on the LinkedIn Blog:

The first thing you’ll notice in the new design is that there is no persistent left-hand navigation. All global navigation is in the top navigation bar. We did this in order to free up space for page content—information about you and your professional network.

Another thing you’ll notice is that the new global navigation bar takes up less vertical space. Page content is moved up higher on the page—less scrolling!

The global navigation bar is always available and provides convenient access to all LinkedIn services. Pass your mouse over the bar and you will see menus that provide quick access to the most popular LinkedIn features. For example, the Groups menu has links for finding and creating groups; it also has quick links for the groups you access the most often.

On some pages, the new navigation can increase the amount of space available for page content by almost one-third.