LinkedIn Reaches 100 Million Members. But How Often Do They Visit?

To celebrate reaching 100 million members, LinkedIn has created a helpful infographic and is sending personal notes to its first one million members. Racepoint Group has posted an example of the letter on its blog.

About a month ago, we did a story about the lack of time that LinkedIn members are spending on the site. In a post on the social network’s blog, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner gives a few examples of how the site helped people start a business or find a job. Ultimately, he writes, “We’re making great progress toward our ultimate goal: to connect all of the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” The post doesn’t discuss the visiting habits of those 100 million people.

Making the network a must-visit on a more frequent basis might be a goal that LinkedIn wants to consider. Many of the commenters to our post said that for business purposes, LinkedIn is helpful. Now perhaps if it could build on that positive sentiment, the network could put the power of those 100 million members to good use.