LinkedIn Hacking Update

As we mentioned in this morning’s Ticker, LinkedIn is working with law enforcement to find out what the heck happened the other day with the password hacking. The network maintains that they haven’t found any evidence that anything sensitive has been published, and they’ve taken every measure to protect user privacy. We still don’t know how many people were affected, but LinkedIn says it’s taking the “better safe than sorry” route in terms of disabling anything that may have been susceptible.

Previously, it was noted that the hack could do damage to the company’s reputation. Cue ZDNet, the outlet that made that assertion, with a story about how the company is lacking in certain IT professionals who could have foreseen this, and criticism of the communications after.

Moreover, it looks like eHarmony also experienced some sort of security breach. So now you have stories about how “LinkedIn and eHarmony don’t take your security seriously.”

“Every security expert who takes his job seriously knows this, and so does every hacker who wants to make money by stealing account information, including the one who posted the LinkedIn and eHarmony password lists in hacker forums seeking help with cracking passwords,” writes MSNBC.