LinkedIn Growth Trumps Facebook

On my AllFacebook blog I have frequently discussed Facebook’s killer feature that would be the end of LinkedIn. Unfortunately Facebook has yet to release that feature and according to Nielsen statistics that were just released, LinkedIn is growing faster then Facebook on a year-over-year basis. According to the statistics, LinkedIn grew 189 percent between October last year and October this year. Facebook grew 125 percent for the same period.

I found the released statistics to be pretty interesting. Apparently none of the other large social networks (Hi5, Bebo, Orkut, etc) aside from Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn ranked in the top ten in the United States. Also beating Facebook in growth was Club Penguin the Disney owned social network for kids. Also of particular interest was AOL’s continued descent in the world of social networking. AOL’s People Connection site decreased 30 percent year-over-year.

A look at’s statistics shows that LinkedIn actually grew a whopping 400 percent over the past year. statistics for Facebook produced similar results to Nielsen, reporting a growth of approximately 140 percent. The main story here may be that the top 10 social networks grew a strong 25 percent year over year. While social networking has been forecasted to slow by 2012, there are still a few years left of continued growth. So let the good times roll!

October YOY Social Network Stats