LinkedIn for iPhone v3.1 Available via iTunes App Store

LinkedIniPhone31.jpgLinkedIn vice president of search and platform products Adam Nash announced on the LinkedIn Blog that LinkedIn for iPhone v3.1 is now available for download via the iTunes App Store.

Nash wrote that the main enhancements to v3.1 from v3.0 were to the app’s Favorites functionality, making connections easier to mark. LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 was released Dec. 28.

From Nash’s post:

We’ve received a lot of feedback from users in the past few months, and we’re hard at work on a large number of improvements. For this release, we chose to focus primarily on making the application faster and more stable for people with large networks.

The most significant enhancements surround the new Favorites feature that we launched with v3.0 of the application. We’ve now made it easier than ever to go through your connections and quickly mark which of your connections are Favorites.

Once you add your Favorites, you now have a quick list of contacts that you can go to when you need to send a quick message or look up information before a meeting. In addition, you can filter your Network Updates to show only updates from your Favorites. Managing the list is as easily as a simple swipe of your finger.

Over one-dozen small feature enhancements made it into this version, including a lot of the little things that our users requested. For example, it’s now possible to set your status directly from your profile page.