Facebook's Link Sharing Feature Stops Working

-Broken Links Icon-This morning I started getting emails that users sharing links on Facebook were no longer seeing images and descriptions for the pages they were linking to. By the afternoon I started having a similar problem. Now I can’t seem to post articles on my page or profile with an article title, description, and image also included. Instead, it shows up as it does in the image to right.

For those of you who were wondering if this is a new feature on Facebook, it’s not. Instead it’s a bug in the system and while it’s not a critical flaw, it definitely effects the impact that a shared link has on its viewers. Yes, I’m still able to communicate with my friends and view my news feed, but sharing links is probably one of my most frequent activities on Facebook. Are you having the same issue or are links working for you?

Do you spend much time sharing links on Facebook or am I the only one?