Lingual Lets Siri Translate to Over 35 Languages on Jailbroken iPhones

Siri is perhaps the most popular feature on the iPhone and its about to get better. A new tweak has been released into the Cydia app market. Lingual is only accessible on hacked iPhones, but once you’ve installed it you can use Siri to translate to 35 languages.

The tweak gives Siri the ability to use the Bing Translation API to convert the text. You can only output text on the screen, as Siri cannot actually speak in those 35 languages, but this is still a big improvement on existing abilities.

Lingual supports a rather long list of languages, so much so that I won’t embed it here. But this is definitely a tweak that anyone traveling to a foreign land needs.

Check out this video to see how well it works:

via ZeroPaid