Light in the Dark Officially Launches on Mobile

light in the dark 650Dreamgate Studios has announced the official release of its Light in the Dark puzzle game on mobile devices. The game sees players reuniting colorful totems with their babies, which are found somewhere on maze-like levels. Each totem gives off colored light, which must be directed throughout the stage to hit the colored totem babies on the board.

In each level of Light in the Dark, players drag totems around the screen, with their light automatically projecting in all directions. When light hits another surface, it may stop or bend around corners, so players need to move the totems in such a way as to hit all of the level’s babies with light at the same time. Three stars are found in each level, so players are encouraged to hit those with light as well, at the same time as collecting their babies. That is, players may need to move a totem into position to hit two totem babies and all three stars at the same time to complete a stage perfectly.

Levels become more complicated as players progress. This might see multiple colors of totems added to the screen at the same time, or the addition of pits or movable crates to the screen, among other obstacles. Pits block a totem’s movement, but not its light, while crates block both. In these multicolor levels, players must hit babies and stars with their matching colors of light, without hitting them with non-matching colors. Additional levels may include multiple colors of light, and a baby that only matches their mixed light color. That is, red and blue movable totems may be on the screen, but the baby totem is purple. Players would then need to mix the light to form the needed color in these situations.

Eventually, levels will see enemies added to the screen, which players must avoid hitting with light. For instance, a mummy may be sleeping somewhere in the level, and hitting it with light would wake it up.

Players can purchase hints with real money while they play, or watch video ads to receive hints for free. These hints show players the final location needed for a chosen totem in the stage.

As players collect stars in bulk, they’ll unlock trial levels which offer more challenge than base stages. These stars are also needed in bulk to unlock additional level packs at the main menu. For now, only stages in the Egyptian setting are available, but more are marked as “coming soon.” Dreamgate promises these upcoming levels will “showcase advanced strategy.” Finally, players can share the game with their friends via Facebook and Twitter from within the app.

Light in the Dark was made by a team of industry veterans. “The experience we gained working on X-Com, Bioshock and Fallout gave us the technical lessons needed to make amazing games. We could focus on developing a title that offered a range of play and interesting elements for everyone,” said Dreamgate Studios CEO David De Margheriti, in a statement.

Light in the Dark is available to download for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store.