New Video Gallery Samples Ridley Scott’s ‘Life In A Day’ YouTube Submissions

On July 24, YouTubers around the world shot and submitted video footage of their lives for Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald’s ‘Life In A Day’ project. ‘Life In A Day’ aims to document the lives of twenty individuals from around the globe in the first crowd-sourced YouTube documentary. The final film will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, but before then you can preview some of the 80,000 submissions in an interactive video gallery launched on the ‘Life In A Day’ YouTube Channel.

Due to the huge number of submissions, ‘Life In A Day’ had to be creative when coming up with a way to showcase them all, and make them easily searchable, so unlike the regular list of videos you’ll find on most YouTube channels they went the interactive route. Videos are displayed on a globe and are searchable by tags, geography, mood, time of day and more. The most popular tags include loving, eating, funny, home and family. Viewers can click on popular search terms ranging from activities to places, emotions, environment, weather, events and people. You can also watch two videos with opposing themes at once, called comparisons. Popular comparisons include happy/sad, creating/destroying, indoors/outdoors, excited/depressed, angry/lonely. I think it’s a pretty unique way to display all the submitted footage and one can literally spend hours sifting through videos to see what people around the globe were doing on July 24, 2010.

The submitted footage ranges from interviews to personal dialogues to people who simply filmed their daily routine from the time they woke up to the time they went to bed on July 24. It is definitely well worth your time to browse through, check out some of the videos and see the creative way in which ‘Life In A Day’ has chosen to display them.

Have you seen the footage displayed on the ‘Life In A Day’ YouTube Channel? What do you think about the interface and do you have any favorite submissions?