LG15 Crew Claims Their First Victim—Blogger Dooced


FBLA knows that LG15 is totally over and that we need to move on, now that all parties concerned are on the path to good fortune and have been on MTV, CNN, and whatever else is out there.
And they’ve claimed their first victim:

Lonely Man got dooced for blogging at work. And here’s the reason:

They also sited my involvement with Lonelygirl15 as an issue. But I never went to any site of hers. I posted a comment to a Catholic blog about her and read a news article discussing her. My department head said that that was age-inappropriate.
I asked her what she meant by that and she said something about them not allowing girlie magazines in the workplace.

FBLA doesn’t know this guy, doesn’t know the rest of the story, isn’t sure that we want to know the rest of the story but we do know that the picture of Alistair Crowley was no accident. How many more must suffer at the hands of LG15?