Let Your Reputation Speak for You With Venyo

Trust: It’s an issue that most of our relationships hinge on. Some believe, without it, we have nothing. It’s hard enough to find people we can trust that we have actual human contact with. So how the heckfire are we supposed to put our faith into anyone or anything that we communicate with online?
In an attempt to be a ‘trust provider,’ Venyo is hoping to restore trust across Web 2.0 collaborative services.

With more and more people blogging and taking to the Web to disseminate information, how do you know who to trust?

Venyo has created the Vindex, a ‘global trust’ metric. This score is determined by the evaluation of your Web contributions. Basically, users of your site will vote on your blog posts, pictures and videos.

By adding a ‘Rate Me’ link, readers can rate you by giving a quantitative evaluation on a classic rating scale and a qualitative one through tagging.

This unique combination between quantitative and qualitative evaluation will be analyzed by an exclusive algorithm to get the global trust index expressed in percentage – the Vindexâ„¢ – but also the evaluation related to the best tags, reflecting your specific skills.

According to the site’s creators, there ar ethree primary reasons to sign up:

1.   to be findable – your Vindexâ„¢ is displayed on all your contributions posted on our partner websites so the users could sort the search results by quality instead of popularity.

2.   to be recognized – as in real life, you can build your online reputation which is based on your acts and get measurable recognition for what you do well. Your Vindexâ„¢ will help you to be trusted by the audience.

3.   to get paid – if you accept to receive commercial emails in your Venyo inbox, we split the advertising revenue 50/50. Of course it will be relevant emails based on the tags associated to the ratings received for your contributions.

The online reputation management tool is free to use.