Let Readers Save Content for Later with Pocket for Publishers

Pocket, the app formerly known as Read It Later, that lets readers save articles from around the web to read later on, has introduced a new way for publishers to extend the life of their content.

It’s called Pocket for Publishers and lets publishers add a “Save to Pocket” button on their sites and apps. The free tool does not required any major site redesign. More than a dozen major publishers are already participating including: Wired, GigaOm, Bloomberg Businessweek, BuzzFeed, New York Review of Books and WordPress.

The tool is integrated with other news apps, so readers in The Verge’s app, for instance, can save articles to access later in Pocket. It even works with Flipboard, Zite, Tweetbot and Twitter. The app also works with paywalled content, thanks to a feature called “Site Subscription.” Essentially this tool allows subscribers to save the paywalled content and then access it from within the Pocket app.

Publishers can also use the tool to measure how content is performing and track articles, videos and photos as they are accessed through the Pocket app. Publishers can also create a custom footer for any piece of content that gets saved to Pocket and use it to promote things like a newsletter, subscription or social media account.