Let Out Your Inner Ninja In Ninjas Rising for Facebook

Digital Chocolate has announced their newest game, and it’s all about ninjas. Ninja Rising is a Mafia Wars style RPG that is set in the ninja world. I took the game for a spin; read my impressions below.

The game, released by the creative folks over at Digital Chocolate, is surprisingly straighforward at this point. The game is standard Facebook RPG fare, but the execution is uneven. The character creation selections at this point seem rudimentary, with players only able to really select one of four face types, a gender and style of attacks. With games like Ninja Saga to compete with, this is hard to commend.

After you create the fighter, you’re lead in to the ‘dojo’, which is just your main navigation screen where all your basic, text based training missions can be done. After a few, you’ll engage in battle, which has its interesting quirks. Probably the most interesting element of the fights are the energetic music and running narrative. The narrative specifically breathes a bit of life into each character, as each move of the fight gets its own paragraph which will have the characters speaking and reacting to the moves in the fight.

From here, the game continues along its standard RPG fare, and we’ll be playing it more to see if it goes into new and innovative territory. In any case, my suspicion is that Digital Chocolate is turning on the jets to emulate a Zynga style, and that means they are going to increase the game-release rate and just stick with the ones that work. That means that early playtests of just released games will be rougher than earlier Digital Chocolate games like the Nanostar titles.

Also, we should say this isn’t the only game in the Ninja category, and a while back we reviewed the enjoyable Ninja Saga game, which drew heavily on Japanese ninja manga to define its world. You can read the review here.