Let Me Be Frank About Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste

For me, the lack of copy and paste functionality in Windows Phone 7 is the most perplexing and egregious. A fundamental strategy of mobile device operating systems is to require as little text input from users as possible. Tiny screens and tiny keyboards do not work well for entering long URLs and other complicated text. Copy and paste is fundamental on mobile phones because it decreases the amount of text entry, which is why there was such a loud cry from iPhone users when the iPhone OS did not support copy and paste.

Arguments have been made that Microsoft simply did not have enough time to include copy and paste functionality, but I am not sure I buy that argument. Windows Mobile supports copy and paste today, how hard can it be to port that functionality to Windows Phone 7? It appears to me that not including copy and paste was a design decision by Microsoft, most likely due to following the iPhone too closely. Odds are copy and paste will be added to Windows Phone 7 quickly, and that will be a good test of how quick Microsoft can get updates to Windows Phone 7 into user hands. Microsoft can kill the noise on copy and paste if they get an update on user phones by spring of 2011.