Lesbians To The Rescue If By Rescue You Mean Quilting

Lesbians To The Rescue If By Rescue You Mean Quilting


As if John Waters and the red-hot poker weren’t enough, the crafty kids at Printed Matter are getting into sewing. This Saturday, they’re having a quilt-a-thon. Run by LTTR, an artist-hipster-type collective, and titled an army of lovers cannot fail (some political reference), it’s an invitation for people (“regardless of skill”) to go and sew quilts together this Saturday between 2 and 5 at Printed Matter. So we’re reading, reading, press release, blah blah, community, etc, and then we get to this:

an army of lovers cannot fail brings these 70s values into the 21st century using images of human and rabbit sexual scenarios

It never occurred to us that it was the rabbit-boning that made everyone (our parents) so elusive about the 70’s, but a lot of things are starting to make sense in the clear light of retrospect. Thumper, we’re so sorry.

And then, as if hot rabbit girl-on-girl quilting isn’t enough, the kids are also running three Radical Read-Ins, suggesting the idle public

spend time with your nose in the crack of a book

Whoever’s writing the press releases over there, we want to be your bff. Badly.