Leading Up to Mother’s Day, KFC’s Facebook Video Ads Are Targeting Viewers When They’re Near a Store

Mobile ads use creative from brand's Tender Wings of Desire novella

The fast-food chain is campaigning hard for its big holiday. KFC
Headshot of Christopher Heine

According to Facebook IQ, the social network’s insights division, 20 percent of Mother’s Day conversations on the platform happen in the four days leading up to the holiday, while 69 percent of the chatter takes place on the day itself.

Video ads on the social site have been targeting on-the-go moms all week. What’s more, as we close in on Sunday, KFC will zero in on Facebook users when they are nearby one of the fast-food chain’s locations, while carousel ads, which offer multiple pieces of creative, and video spots will retarget viewers who have previously engaged with one of the brand’s Mother’s Day posts.

Also, building on its cheeky Tender Wings of Desire romance novella that launched last weekend, the restaurant brand has run ads that direct Facebook viewers to download a free book on Amazon. In other cases, the ads have offered dads the chance to be among 80 winners of free chicken dinners and hardcover copies of Tender Wings of Desire.

While Mother’s Day is the third biggest U.S. retail holiday, it’s actually KFC’s best sales day during a typical year. Whether it’s even more finger-lickin’ good for the brand’s execs thanks to geo-targeted mobile video ads remains to the seen.

Meanwhile, check out this video for the novella created by KFC’s agency, Wieden + Kennedy:


@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.