Latest NookStudy Update Adds TTS

Barnes & Noble has released a new update for its education reading app, NookStudy. Users can now sync bookmarks with other B&N apps (but not the notes or annotation). They can also read attached notes in a pop-up window (instead of having to open them individually). And of course B&N has added support for text to speech; you can have the app read the eBook to you.

Past updates added new features such as “Print to NookStudy”, a 2 column view, and the ability to view 2 pages from different parts of a book.

I’ve tried it and I see this update as strictly optional. This app is significantly slower than before the update. The TTS is dependent on Windows’ native ability (marginal) and none of the other features are all that amazing. Well, bookmarks might be worth it, but I don’t use the other B&N apps.

via B&N