LAT in 90 seconds

— “Costumes at this year’s annual trade show at the Los Angeles Convention Center were more sedate – at least by E3 standards – because of tougher enforcement of an existing ban on sexually explicit or provocative booth materials. New rules impose a maximum $5,000 penalty for exhibitors whose models are nude, partially nude or wearing bathing suit bottoms.” At this, we almost dropped our Logitech Cordless Action Controller with highly reliable 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology to deliver precise control with no lag. Of course, it’s still okay to sell videogames like “GTA” – wherein you can beat a hooker within an inch of her life – just please, for the love of God, NO BATHING SUIT BOTTOMS!

— Uh-oh. You’re kid’s virulent case of ADD just went mobile.

— Skid Row hits the brakes on downtown lofts. Also: Someone should send an ambulance over to L.A. Cowboy; Brady Westwater has probably had an aneurysm.