LAT in 90 Seconds

— Today’s entry in the Tribune Co.-Chandler family circus: the unmasking of the accounting genius who engineered the sale of the Times Mirror Co. to Tribune Co., former Times Mirror CFO, Thomas Unterman. A financial wizard with a kind of shaman-like reputation on Wall Street, Unterman remains close to the Chandlers and may be an invisible hand in its current fracas with Tribune.

— Kudos to Calendar writer Gina Piccalo for her profile of The Artist’s Way author Julia Cameron, which has this brilliant lede:

Julia Cameron’s journey to guru-dom began, perhaps predictably, in Los Angeles in the 1970s after a failed celebrity marriage and a scotch-and-cocaine binge had brought her to rock bottom. Back then, she was best known as the lush whom Martin Scorsese left for Liza Minnelli, the hotshot writer who swore like a sailor and matched Hunter S. Thompson drink-for-drink.

And if that doesn’t draw you in, try this nugget:

Back then, no one knew of Cameron’s own struggles, the nervous breakdowns that got progressively worse and the traumatic episodes so severe she found herself talking to trees in a London park and darting naked down her driveway in Taos, N.M.

Though we should point out that we don’t see the streaking as a sign of dementia. It would throw too much of our own behavior into question.

58m.jpg — Don’t miss Elizabeth Snead’s breathless coverage of the Superman Returns premiere Wednesday night, which includes the intro, “Spirits were sky high. . .,” describes how guests “snarfed down-home vittles,” and reveals the shocking news that new Man of Steel portrayer Brandon Routh brought his “real-life mom” to the event, and not the standee mom he’s had perched in his kitchen since moving to Hollywood. Oh, and he has a girlfriend!