LAT in 90 Seconds cooper.jolie2.jpg — We’re glad we’re not the only ones upset with Anderson Cooper, who gathered up all the mimbo gravitas he earned from his outraged Katrina coverage and pitched it into the yawning chasm of celebrity worship by interviewing Angelina Jolie. Was she a breaking a story? Did we just discover her goodwill efforts on behalf of the Third World? And Cher is next? C’mon, Anderson. . . We’re not mad at you. We’re just really, really disappointed.

— The full-spread ad HBO planted in Variety for Aquaman‘s fictional opening weekend was an inspired, if somewhat obvious, marketing ploy. James Cameron, director of the pretend superhero blockbuster from HBO’s “Entourage,” “got a huge kick out of it.” We bet. It made it appear as if he had actually directed a movie.

Steve Lopez‘s take on what he’d like to see happen with the Times.