Laszlo Kovacs Dead at 74

Laszlo Kovacs, one of the truly great cinematographers, died at his home in Beverly Hills. Kovacs shot Easy Rider, and changed the look of movies forever.

Easy Rider was filmed during a 12-week journey from Los Angeles to New Orleans, entirely at practical locations. Kovacs augmented available light sparingly. His tools were limited to what he could carry in a five-ton truck, including an old Arriflex camera with a single zoom lens and a blimp to muffle sound, a single power generator and a smattering of lamps, cable and other gaffer gear. His camera rig consisted of a “1968 Chevy Impala convertible… and put a half sheet of 4×4 plywood”.

Cinematographer James Chressanthis is in production on a documentary about Kovacs and his fellow Hungarian DP Vilmos Zsigmond.