Lance Armstrong Quietly Removes Tour De France Victories From Twitter Bio

It’s official. Lance Armstrong cheated. How did we not know? *

The UCI, cycling’s governing body, has stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour De France victories, and will meet Friday to discuss the “exact sporting consequences” of the decision. In their summary the UCI concluded that Armstrong and his team ran “the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen”, and the disgraced athlete will now likely have to pay back his prize money from the tour victories, and could be faced with a number of civil suits from former sponsors and disgruntled associates.

Armstrong has remained silent since the verdict was announced, but the 41 year-old Texan did make a subtle change to his Twitter bio yesterday that underlines his acceptance of the UCI’s decision.

Armstrong has more than 3.75 million Twitter followers, so appearances matter. Here’s his Twitter bio before the UCI’s announcement.

And afterwards.

Note that his Livestrong connection has gone as well, following his resignation as chairman last week. Likely these tweaks came at the advice of his legal team, or perhaps Armstrong himself thought it best, but it emphasises the importance of social media in the modern age, and how something as simple as the contents of a bio can be on a public platform like Twitter. However you feel about the Armstrong scandal, it’s of note that the only place he’s really commented (in any way) on the outcome of the UCI’s decision is on his Twitter profile, albeit indirectly. While I think it unlikely, it will be interesting to see if he uses Twitter to make any comments about this affair in the days and weeks to come.

* I was being facetious.