Lack of Awareness Hinders Mobile TV

Consumers in the UK want mobile TV, but several hurdles need to be overcome before they actually watch it, according to the results of a research study conducted by Market Tools and commissioned by mobile video solutions provider QuickPlay Media.

The main things keeping Brits from watching television on their mobile phones are the fact that they’re unaware of the services available to them (44%) and the hefty price tag often associated with mobile TV or video (33%), says a Cellular-news article on the survey.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of the respondents said they’d use their phone as a telly, and even watch commercials, if the service were free or at least cheaper than an ad-free version. Not everyone is willing to sit through ads on the mobile, however. Twenty-two percent of the folks surveyed would rather have a pay-per-use model and 13% said they’d prefer to pay for a premium service than be saddled with ads.