Labor Dispute Threatens NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center

NBCGrinch.jpgWon’t someone please think of the children?

The union that represents nearly 3,000 NBC producers, writers and technicians launched How the NBC Grinch Could Steal Christmas, complete with a Dr. Seuss parody poem (see jump), in an attempt to rekindle stalled negotiations with the network over a new contract, with NBC’s 12th annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center telecast being used as a bargaining chip.

National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET-CWA) Local 11 president Ed McEwan said the union’s contract expired in March, and there has been very little progress toward reaching a new pact.

McEwan added:

We can’t let the Grinch at NBC steal another Christmas from thousands of honest working people. This charade must stop. Christmas is supposed to be a time of goodwill, but the network’s management is trying to hide behind their fancy lights while leaving their employees in the dark.

Christmas in Rockefeller Center, which is scheduled to air Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, is slated to be hosted by Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock and Zachary Levi of Chuck, with appearances by Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Barry Manilow, Shakira, The Roots and The Radio City Rockettes.

NABET-CWA’s very best Dr. Seuss imitation:

Every Who

In the crew

Liked the Christmas tree lighting a lot…

But the NBC grinch just didn’t see

Without them, the lights would light not!

The grinch won’t negotiate with his employees!

Now, please don’t ask why. There’s no reason anyone sees.

But if he won’t, the crew may just might

Do something that would be NBC’s blight.

They’ll be forced from 30 Rock, and walk away,

And make things go dark come Christmas Day!

They have no choice, but to put out the tree lights,

Beginning maybe just maybe Tonight!

Jane Krakowski and Zachary Levi will have to stand there and say,

Not Aretha, nor Alicia, nor Shakira will be able to play.

For the NBC grinch’s heart is two sizes too small,

He won’t meet with the workers, though they’re right down the hall.

We will challenge the grinch, to quit going at it alone.