LA Times to Post Videos on YouTube, Braces for Indifference


The LA Times will be putting the Rumble Seat and Throttle Jockey videos on YouTube, where they’ll get lost. Seriously–doesn’t anyone at the paper watch TV? Or look at other videos on-line? When PBS is making fun of you, you need to reconsider.

Dan O’Neil isn’t a natural in front of the camera, but strong directing and producing can compensate for that. Rather than turn him into Anderson Cooper, emphasize his strengths. Same with Susan Carpenter. Think interview, not script. Short on-line video pieces need to be shot for the small screen (and would it kill them to vary the shots once in a while?), and wall-to-wall narration isn’t necessary. Let the pictures tell the story.

Or better yet, find better ways to tell the story. The Super Bowl Gameplays piece, which is basically machinima, using Madden NFL 07, is a step in the right direction.

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