LA Times Reports on John, Ken, and Dog Food, Has No Opinion on Same


The LA Times finally covered the Tennie Pierce award take-down. The front page story delves into the campaign waged by KFI talk-radio guys, John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou and the subsequent backpedaling by the City Council. (Note to editors: calling an over-due story a news analysis doesn’t fool anyone.)

But Sandy Banks and Steve Hymon don’t mention that by vetoing the settlement, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa delivered a big fat dis to City Attny Rocky Delgadillo, and not for the first time, either.

Exciting stuff–racism, taxpayers’ money, elected officials’ accountability, political rivalry in City Hall. Sure to be dinner-table conversation over the long weekend.

So didn’t the LA Times offer up an editorial on all this, rather than the lame-ass lead editorial on of all things–school schedules?

Where do they go when they think? What do the Brits call something all messed up–a dog’s dinner?

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