LA Times Home Section Blabs About Entourage: Spoilers!


The LA Times needs to work a little harder on security. Audrey Davidow sort of ruined Entourage for us. Writing about Zorianna Kit’s house, which she and husband Bo Zenga share with HBO’s Ari Gold, Davidow blabs:

By season’s end (spoiler alert), the boys will relocate again, this time to a modern mansion nestled in the “bird streets” above Sunset Boulevard. Gold will move too, to a sprawling French Revival-style mansion in Brentwood.

Spoiler tags? In a print edition? Thanks a bunch.

We also love that Mrs. Ari (who may or may not be Dena, Rachel or darling) is “old money”. What’s old money in pay-cable land? Her dad was The Millionaire?