LA Times: Farm Team for the NY Times?


The argy-bargy over Kurt Andersen’s advice for the LA Times isn’t over yet. Romenesko has two letters following up.

The first, from Dakota Smith (not, evidently this Dakota Smith) demands clarification on how many college grads actually read the paper. Andersen’s math was off, but jeeze, who gives a rip?

Next up, Stephen D. Burgard, director, Northeastern University School of Journalism, who hasn’t mastered the short and sweet style of letter writing, makes this point:

If the LA Times renounces its national aspirations, where will the New York Times find the reporters and editors like Doug Jehl, James Risen, Eric Lichtblau, Dexter Filkins, Marty Baron and others who have brought established reporting and editing credentials to New York from the LA paper?.

Great–the LA Times is now a training camp for the NY Times? FBLA feels so lucky to be allowed to just read the paper.