LA Press Club Publicist Promises Sexy


The Los Angeles Press Club forges a new path for itself and its members by hiring a publicist with a mission. Edward Headington (do people call him “Ed the Head”?) says:

I’m bringing “sexy back” to the Los Angeles Press Club,

Yes, he quoted Justin Timberlake. Probably he’s been told that he resembles the boy-band charmer, and likes to play on that. In his introductory message to the flock, he gave them a link to the Urban Dictionary. Clearly, he’s not too confident in the members’ collective hipster knowledge–he told them he meant the second definition.

He’s also an image consultant, according to his website and as any fool knows, journalists have an image problem.

So, good luck, Ed! FBLA suggests you bring back an old Press Club tradition–electing Miss Eight Ball.