L.A. Film Festival ’06: Listen Up

First off, we want to apologize to Calista Flockhart for nearly knocking into her at the W Hotel last night. We were a little discombobulated, having just hoofed it four blocks in new heels, and we were really in a hurry to get to the bar.

We wish we had body-checked Flockhart’s flame, instead. Harrison Ford, who hosted the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Filmmaker Reception was as dashing and funny and yummy as ever.

He addressed the crowd of independent screenwriters, producers, directors and actors by saying, in essence, that he had nothing to say. No one does. Not anything worth listening to, anyway: “Conventional wisdom produces conventional films,” he said.

He warned filmmakers against the platitudes, pressures and pure horse crap of Hollywood.

“I can’t tell you to be true to yourselves, because I don’t know who the hell you are,” he said. “I can’t tell you not to listen to anybody, because then you won’t listen to me telling you not to listen to anybody — and you might listen to somebody who gives you shitty advice.”