Kylie Jenner, ‘Blackface,’ and the #PRFail That Wasn’t

For once, a Kardashian faces a totally fake "scandal."

kylie-jenner2Kylie Jenner, the nubile sibling of that family, is following in her older stepsisters’ footsteps re: in flagrante delicto (that’s Latin for “blazing offense”) and the hip-hop community.

As she continues to learn the finer art of being famous, it seems the rest of the universe needs to settle down, already.

Of course Kylie is all over the Internet, but she rarely causes the whole thing to stop on a dime a la her more…generous sister.

This time, however, she didn’t do anything ethically dubious. Look at this picture and see if you had the same #TheDress moment lots of other people did.

kylie jenner
Marcelo Cantu/Instagram

We’ll give you hint: Al Jolson.

That’s right — thousands of people thought that Kylie had taken to Instagram in blackface.

Much offense was discussed.

In her first post, the 17-year-old gave credit to her beauty team by captioning the photo, “@marcelocantuphoto @joycebonelli @chrisdylanhair @hubblestudio.” Her second post (which has since been deleted) featured the words, “What I wish I looked like all the time.” …

Some on social media were quick to describe the look as “blackface” and immediately shared their disapproval over the shoot. Others, however, questioned the beauty look as simply being metallic silver makeup.

Tweets like this NSFW gem forced the starlet to delete the aforementioned gram:

Turns out it was just a black light and other neons for enhancement, as reported in this story from Complex. She doesn’t look real, but she’s definitely not supposed to look Black either.

Maybe we need to stop keeping up with the Kardashians so aggressively…

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