KTLA Fans Applaud Lack of News

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Not every Angeleno feels the need to watch the fire coverage. One of our readers sends this:

It’s fucking hot, we’re being rained on with soot, the weather is so dry my snots feel as crispy and as large as fried pork rinds. The LAST thing I want when I turn on the TV is to hear more inane anchor chatter about the goddam fires! Do we really need to see yet another close-up of burning embers? I think we’ve all experienced a roaring fire at least once in our lives. We know what burning wood looks like. We don’t need to see it on every goddam local channel.

Finding other programing on KTLA has been refreshing and I thank them for it!

Last night my boyfriend (a TV producer) and I tuned it to our favorite guilty primetime pleasure, Boston Legal, only to find it had been replaced with a network special on the fires. Yep after a whole evening of coverage from local anchors, channel 7 decided we needed yet some more wood-on-fire action with a national anchor this time.

Obviously, watching your home and all cherished possessions turn to ashes is the same as watching a camp bonfire. And neither compares to the smoldering charms of James Spader.