Kony 2012: Part II Released With Much Less Fanfare

The sequel to the wildly viral Kony 2012 documentary was released yesterday and so far, it has gathered 302 views on YouTube and about 900 media hits.

The first film became the most viral video in history, reaching 100 million views in six days. And in that time, filmmaker and Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell made appearances on all manner of broadcast shows talking about the film and the criticism of it.

This time around, with “Kony 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous” it looks like things are taking a much more calm turn, which might not be an all together bad thing.


We’ve outlined a few steps that should be taken just in case your campaign goes viral. Judging from the craziness that happened after the first film, Invisible Children didn’t expect the level of attention it got. Just last week, the group’s director of ideology Jedidiah Jenkins went viral for a video in which he guzzles from a jug of vodka and slurs about winning a million dollars.

The sequel is focused on cleaning up some of the fuzzy facts from the first movie, showing the work that Invisible Children is doing, not just from here in the U.S. but on the ground in Africa, and highlighting the actions that are being taken as a result of the campaign’s popularity.

With the more manageable response to this film and awareness of the cause raised, Invisible Children can focus on the next item on the agenda: an April 20th day of service that will spread the word about Kony 2012 in local communities.

The challenge is maintaining the level of interest and intensity for another two weeks. Besides this sequel, they’ll have to have some sort of final push coming days to get people ready for the big event. Do you think Invisible Children will have a high turnout on the 20th? Check out the sequel below.