Kontagent Real-Time Social App Monitoring System Tracks Errors and User Reactions

Today, social games analytics tool provider Kontagent releases its Real-Time Social Application Monitoring System for tracking actions and metrics such as installs, invites sent, notification email clicks, and revenue. Animated graphs in the tool update as frequently as every ten seconds, allowing developers to immediately recognize a breakdown of code for a viral channel, an error in their servers, or the success of a new virtual good.

The real-time data will allow developers who use the tool to take more risks and deploy code faster without doing as much testing, since problems can be identified before their opportunity costs get too high.

Kontagent’s tools track over 100 million social and mobile application users a month, and are in some form employed by game developers including EA/Playfish, Sony, Ubisoft, Digital Chocolate, and Tencent. Funded by fbFund, Altos Ventures, and Maverick Capital, Kontagent released its last major update in October, offering developers user action tracking and funnel analysis through its Social Analytics Suite v2.0.

The Real-Time Social Applications Monitoring Systems, or Real-Time SAMS, tracks over 10,000 events per second, and developers can choose to see their stats update every ten seconds, one minute, or five minutes. They can quickly determine the impact of a new landing page, altered flow, new game mechanic, or virtual good price change on a variety of metrics. If they see a certain count drop to zero, they know something is broken and can attempt to fix the bug before more users are affected.

Developers can design their own dashboards, selecting from many standard metrics, or create their own custom formulas such as revenue per paying user in the last seven days. Without the tool, developers would have to rely on their potentially slower, internal server monitors to notice operation problems. They would also have to painstakingly test edge cases that are difficult to predict — unless they have built similar tools themselves, or found other third-party options — but with Kontagent they can push code live and respond to issues on the fly.

Larger developers spend millions and years to create these types of tools. By offering them as a service, Kontagent is trying to level the playing field, allowing smaller developers to gain the same deep, instant insights that the giants of the industry have. While we haven’t tested it first hand, the granularity of the data available through Real-Time SAMS should help application developers iterate more quickly.

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