Kobo Launches Social App For eReading

Kobo has introduced a new social networking service for reading called Reading Life. The tool works like Foursquare. Readers can use the platform to “check in” with characters and locations inside books they are reading for the chance to win prizes.

For example, someone reading Alice in Wonderland can check in Alice or check-in to the Rabbit Hole and then share their check-in tell on Facebook. By checking in, readers can unlock awards and discounts from Kobo.  Awards include ‘The Papillion’ which is earned by the power social sharers and ‘The Twain’ earned by those that read daily.

Readers can also use the platform to track their personal reading history and highlight favorite passages in books they are reading to share with friends.

Earlier this year, GetGlue launched a similar service in which consumers could “check in” to their favorite books, TV shows, movies and activities using an app.