Knowledge Poker: Bet on your trivia skills on iOS

Knowledge Poker offers a new mobile trivia experience on iOS, as users are given a category and the ability to place a virtual bet on their knowledge of each question. When presented with a category, users are shown the overall genre and a sub genre, like Arts – Music, or Science – Biology.

Not entirely unlike a game of Jeopardy, players are required to bet some of their points before ever seeing the question, based solely on the category. This number must be equal to or greater than 10 percent of their total points.

Once they view the multiple choice question, users can bet a second time to increase their winnings in cases where they’re confident they’ve chosen the right answer. When users run out of points, the game is over and players can save their high score for later viewing.

Other apps have attempted to mesh betting and trivia in the past. Backflip Studios’ Wits & Wagers, for instance, allows users to bet on another player’s answer if they feel that user is more likely to be correct. Knowledge Poker, however, is a single-player experience.

The app is incredibly basic from a visual perspective, but it’s an interesting take on trivia apps for those looking for another way to test their brains. Knowledge Poker is available for $0.99 on iOS.