Know Your Limits: How Many Tweets Can You Post Per Day?

I bet you didn’t know there was a limit to the number of tweets you can send out per day. Well there is, but in all likelihood you haven’t even come close to brushing up against it.

Twitter’s API is already dealing with 2,200 tweets per second, on average, and a massive 1.6 billion search queries per day.

The limit they’ve put on individual accounts sending a certain number of tweets is meant to alleviate some of the strain on their servers, and reduce downtime (and it must be working, because we haven’t seen the fail whale in a loooong time).

So what is this limit?

Twitter says you can only send out 1,000 tweets per day. That includes retweets. Plus, Twitter breaks this daily limit down into semi-hourly intervals, so that accounts cannot post more than a certain number of times per hour or so.

Twitter also has a limit on the number of direct messages you can send per day, set at 250.

Of course, these are technical limits, not strategic or optimal limits. You shouldn’t necessarily try to get as close to 1,000 as you can every day without going over, for instance, and if you do I’m betting you’ll lose pretty much all of your followers.

These limits are in place largely for aggregator accounts, RSS feeds or those that are otherwise automated, to avoid putting strain on the system.

So while 1,000 is the technical limit, you shouldn’t – ever – come anywhere close to it in a regular tweeting day. There is no right number of tweets per day for everyone, but 1,000 would be generally agreed upon by most social media managers as far too many.

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