Knocked Up Ripped Off?


Canadian journalist Rebecca Eklar is suing Universal Studios and Judd Apatow because she got knocked up, wrote Knocked Up, and they stole the idea for the movie Knocked Up. She writes in McLeans:

Both my book and the movie feature one night of passion and the nine months that follow. Fine. Whatever.

What a way she has with words! Alas, pregnancy often does follow sex. She follows with another uncanny coincidence:

But what got me was the fact that Alison was an up-and-coming television reporter; in my book, I was an up-and-coming newspaper reporter.

Sounds like she’s got a solid case. We’re betting that both she and the fictional Alison got stretch marks, too.

Oddly enough, the cover of the screenplay used an illustration similiar to the cover of her book, which looked a great deal like the Suburban Bliss logo. Hmmm.