Knock App Lets You Unlock Your Other Mac Devices by Knocking on Your iPhone

Sometimes, a simple app will get our attention because it tries to do one thing very well. Take this great app, Knock. It unlocks your Macbook, your iMac, your Mac Mini, or even the new Mac Pro with two simple knocks on your phone. You don’t even have to unlock your iPhone.

How is this secure?

Knock doesn’t replace your password, and Knock doesn’t modify or replace any of your Mac’s built in security features. Knock automatically enters your password via a secure, encrypted connection when you knock on your iPhone.

When you’re near your locked computer, Knock for Mac detects your iPhone. After a few security checks, the ring around your avatar pulses green, letting you know your Mac is safe to unlock.

When you see the green ring light up, knock twice on your iPhone – just like you’d knock on a door – and Knock automatically enters your password.

Just make sure you don’t forget your Mac’s password, since that will allow you to disable Knock  in the event that your iPhone is stolen.  If both your iPhone and your Mac are stolen, you should use iCloud to remotely erase your data, even if you don’t choose to use Knock.

Currently, Knock’s Low Energey Bluetooth technology will only work with iPhone 4S and up. To make sure your devices are compatible, visit Knock’s website before downloading Knock for $3.99 and the accompanying Mac app. You will need both to run the program.

If you have further questions about security or the software’s encryption methods, visit Knock’s FAQ page.