Kno Me Dashboard Lets Students Measure Digital Study Habits

Education software company Kno has launched a new dashboard for students to measure how much time they are spending with each digital textbook they use on the Kno platform called Kno Me. Students can use the tool to map their study behavior, manage their time and measure personal progress.

Kno Me’s data is complied from Kno’s analytics platform and includes things like the average time a student spends reading a specific book or chapter within that book, as well as the percentage of pages in the chapter the student annotates.

The tool has social sharing features, so that students can share their stats with their friends and even follow other classmates.

“The question we want to help students answer is ‘How much am I really studying?’ If you’re a student, you don’t know the answer until you get your grade, and if it’s bad, it’s too late,” explained Osman Rashid, cofounder/CEO at Kno, in a statement. “Kno Me is like a personal learning GPS that helps you locate where you are in your studies and see where you need to go.”